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HyperConvergence for Real Results

SimpliVity’s hyper convergence infrastructure is the ideal choice for data center consolidation projects. XellerateIT and it’s partners deliver all the functionality of conventional IT infrastructure in one device, with 3x total cost of ownership savings compared to traditional IT environments. XellerateIT simplifies data center consolidation initiatives and reduces the cost and complexity of ongoing data center operations.

Data Center Consolidation

XellerateIT’s hyperconverged infrastructure provides a scalable building block of x86 server resources that can be easily deployed to one or more data centers. This modular solution replaces the entire data center stack below the hypervisor. It folds in the hypervisor, compute, networking, and storage with powerful data services, including deduplication, compression, data management, and data protection.

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Data Protection

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Safeguard All Data with Hyperconvergence

Converged infrastructure contains built-in data protection andautomated disaster recovery. It’s part of XellerateIT’s ultra-efficient approach to data management, which accelerates local and remote backup and restore functions.

With converged infrastructure, recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPOs and RTOs) shrink dramatically. Virtualized workloads are backed up or restored in seconds or minutes—even over bandwidth-constrained WAN links—instead of hours or days as with legacy data protection solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Keep Your Business Up and Running

XellerateIT is the ideal choice for organizations seeking fast, simple offsite disaster recovery that minimizes downtime and safeguards your business.

The “X” solution with RapidDR eliminates special-purpose data backup, replication and recovery automation tools, enabling extremely low recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) with unsurpassed simplicity and economics.


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Cloud Computing

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Build a Better Cloud Strategy

XellerateIT is the ideal choice for enterprises pursuing a cloud strategy that delivers the best of both worlds: cost savings and agility of cloud, with enterprise performance and reliability. With a highly scalable, flexible and cost-effective foundation for implementing private clouds, as well as on-demand services and hybrid cloud offerings available through a broad network of SimpliVity powered service providers, SimpliVity helps enterprises deliver a true cloud model that fits any requirement – private, public, or hybrid.

Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems


Hyperconvergence is disrupting the integrated system market, with major system vendors joining the growing number of startups (some of which are now mature). I&O leaders should still recognize a role for solutions based on SANs and either blades or rack servers, depending on workload requirements.

Strategic Planning Assumptions

By 2019, approximately 30% of the global storage array capacity installed in enterprise data centers will be deployed on software-defined storage (SDS) or hyperconverged integrated system (HCIS) architectures based on x86 hardware systems, up from less than 5% today.

Twenty percent of mission-critical applications currently deployed on three-tier IT infrastructure will transition to HCISs by 2020.

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Hyperconvergence is the embodiment of the software-defined data center. Explore our Hyper Convergence Solutions in Chicago Illinois 60659.

hardware used for hyper convergence systemBased in software, it provides the flexibility and agility that business demands from IT.

The brain of a business is its data center. Everything, from customer accounts to financial records, is housed within the company’s data center. It is so important, in fact, FEMA has calculated that 40% of companies who suffer a disaster, lose their data, and have no way to recover it will close their doors forever. However, data centers are also incredibly expensive to own, operate, and maintain.

Cloud operators have their economic model figured out. Hyperconvergence brings to enterprise IT a cloud-like economic model that provides faster time to value for data center expenditures and lower total cost of ownership for the entire solution. Hyper convergence offers the economic benefits of the cloud while delivering the performance, high availability, and reliability the enterprise demands.

The IT world has seen many changes and advances over the years. One will argue that one of the most important changes is the business side of it, with that comes many different applications and tools to advance the business aspect of an IT department. For example, hyper-convergence, which allows for an organization to have an easy to manage but scalable appliance infrastructure.

As the public cloud has upped the competitive ante for hardware vendors, many infrastructure companies are working hard to show customers that they’re listening. The first wave of this effort focused on converged systems, in which separate components from different vendors were stitched together and tested for the customer, increasing speed to deployment from months to weeks. These systems were successfully released before the public cloud had gone mainstream and include Flexpod (Cisco/Netapp) and vBlock (Cisco/EMC/VMware).

Commodity hardware equals lower cost. The software layer is designed to accommodate the fact that hardware will eventually fail. Customers get the benefit of these failure avoidance/ availability options without having to break the bank to get the hardware.

Hyperconverged infrastructure seeks to alleviate the headaches and inefficiencies of the modern data center by combining (converging) each component of the data center rack into a single device. Compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and data protection resources are integrated into a single software-centric architecture.

xellerateit brand imageBy delivering virtualization, storage, compute, network, management and data protection in an easy to manage but scalable application, an organization has the ability to seamlessly manage a complex infrastructure. Hyper-convergence is definitely emerging as a pivotal application that can be utilized in even the smallest organizations. Not only is it cost effective, but it plays a very important role in managing a company’s infrastructure. EnterpriseInnovation.net sums up the importance of hyper-convergence as “simplifying complexity”.

These companies give their customers cloud-like agility to deploy IT infrastructure. Individual nodes (compute, memory, storage, networking) have all the resources and intelligence to run applications that can be connected together seamlessly to provide scalability and resiliency from failure. Distributed brains that all work as one – genius! Installation is 30 minutes, and adding nodes to an existing cluster is software defined and can happen in seconds. I predict within the next three years, new private cloud infrastructures will be comprised of mainly hyper-converged systems, based on their ability to integrate with the public cloud. 

So what are you waiting for? See what hyper convergence solutions can do for your business today.

Hyper Convergence is a scalable building-block approach that allows IT to expand by adding units, just like in a LEGO set. Granular scalability is one of the hallmarks of this infrastructure. Unlike integrated systems products, which often require large investments, hyperconverged solutions have a much smaller step size. Step size is the amount of infrastructure that a company needs to buy to get to the next level of infrastruc- ture. The bigger the step size, the bigger the up-front cost.


A subset of reference architecture is converged infrastructure, the goal of which is to simplify the data center construction process as much as possible. Instead of several vendors offering the various components of the rack, multiple companies have combined together to offer a “data center in a box” with everything a company needs to house their essential business applications and data.

Learn more about hyper-converged infrastructure at Mindsight Annual Roadmap Conference on September 16th. Mindsight will dive much deeper into the true business value and benefits organizations will reap by considering hyper-converged infrastructure.

Can’t make the conference? Contact us today to speak with a Mindsight consultant about our converged infrastructure / virtualization services and solutions.

xellerateit with simplivityFor example, if you have a production environment where the compute, memory, and storage resources are known and their growth predictable, then owning (private cloud) makes financial sense. However, when you temporarily need a burst of resources, such as for seasonal demand or to spin up an application for testing and development, then renting those resources in the public cloud is a good option.

XellerateIT offers leading solutions from leading companies including simplivity, nutanix, emc, cisco, hyperconvergence vendors, and more.



Contact an XellerateIT HyperConvergence Specialist to
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