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hyperconvergence by super hyper and xellerateit

The Super Hyper (XellerateIT) Business Cloud exceeds hyperconverged facilities. XellerateIT leverages a hybrid shipment design to take advantage of public cloud benefits while maintaining the security and control of personal datacenters. Our Business Cloud incorporates server, storage, virtualization and networking in a hyperconverged platform to run any work, at any scale, while eliminating the intricacy of tradition facilities.

IT companies remain in a state of shift as they improve tradition facilities, tools and procedures to equal service needs.

hyperconvergence by super hyper and xellerateitThis is a great breakthrough in technology, power and overall efficiency, both from a storage perspective and much more. I’ve done consulting for enterprise level companies down to medium companies and all in between who have benefited from migrating to a hyperconvergence setup. Having the ability to add nodes as needed is a great feature and I think this architecture should be considered by any entity looking to upgrade and streamline their infrastructure.

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Joe Karns, CXO

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